We Help Reimagine What Is Possible

We help reimagine what is possible

Your Partner in Advanced Visualization Services

IA Imaging is an independent 3D lab that helps establish, customize, and service your organization’s advanced post-processing needs without limitations, boundaries, or heavy costs.


Our mission is to put our clients at the forefront of cutting-edge technology with a streamlined workflow to provide cost-efficient consistent results that enable optimal patient care.

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  • Carotid

  • COW

  • Vessel Analysis

  • Perfusion

  • Dynamic Flow (stroke protocols)

  • Venous Cerebral Anatomy



Brain and Tumor DSC DCE

  • Advanced Multiparametric Analysis

  • Diffusion-Weighted Imaging (DWI)

  • Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast (DSC) Perfusion

  • Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced (DCE) Permeability


Coronary imaging

  • Coronary Artery Analysis

  • Ejection Fraction

  • Cardiac Scoring

  • Cardiac Planes

EP Planning (EP) - 3D

  • Ostium and Appendage measurements

MR Cardiac: 4-D Flow

  • Q- Mass

  • Q- Flow

TAVR/TAVI Planning - 3D

  • Vessel Analysis

  • Screening Reports

  • Annulus Measurements


  • Nodule analysis

  • Lung Density


MRA-neuro-scaled (1)
  • General Orthopedic utilizing Global/Volume illumination

  • Facial/Skull/Spine to include isolation of any bony structures

  • Trauma (Fracture of any bony structures) to include any bone isolation

  • Metal artifact filter and denoising


MRA-neuro-scaled (2)
  • Y-90 protocol

  • Liver tumor analysis

  • CT/MR Pet Fusion

CTA Body

CTA’s utilizes Global/Volume illumination

  • Chest/Abd/Pel w/ Vessel Analysis

  • Pre and Post Stent Protocols w/ Vessel Analysis

  • Runoffs w/ Vessel Analysis

  • Extremities w/ Vessel Analysis

Body Evaluation

  • 3D

  • Dual Energy

  • Liver/Spleen/Renal Volume quantitative measurements

  • CT IVP to include dual energy

  • Gout

  • Virtual colonoscopy

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